John Starr Cooke


Introduce yourself to the Tarot for NOW. The Word of ONE Tarot speaks of new ways of Being and SELF-expression. An advanced spiritual ‘technology’ of the emerging Age of Aquarius. 

John Starr Cooke was the point man for delivery onto the field of humanity of new archetypal imagery in the form of the 22 sacred books of Tarot. This was later called the New Tarot for the Aquarian Age, also known as the Books of T, Reverse Tarot, or Word of ONE Tarot.

These 22 cards, comprising the Major Arcana, change according to the Ages. Each is a Book containing both principle and understanding in the search for SELF – a visual representation of a new Consciousness. But, as John said, “their sacred purpose was forgotten and few realized that they described a path or that they contained a teaching, a way of life.”

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