“The Tarot is an ever progressing rendition or map of the inner structures of consciousness. It is a language in itself, a universal language, and its individual cards form a precise alphabet spelled out again and again in new terms to awaken those who seek to know the Self. These symbol pictures are deliberately changed from time to time to harmonize humanity’s reaction to universal cycles and to keep the awakening mind in tune with the forces and powers present as age succeeds age.”
– John Starr Cooke

Imagine standing on the edge of a forest like the one pictured above. There are no clear tracks into and through the forest, and any attempt to traverse the terrain will prove very difficult. In respect to the Book of T – also known as the Word of ONE TAROT – at this very moment we metaphorically stand on the edge of the forest.

Today we live in the unique time of the birthing of the Aquarian Age – the signs are clear for those with ‘eyes’ to see. We sense and intuit the coming time of new ways of Being and SELF expression. 

A set of images and powerful symbols are fortuitously delivered that speak of the new expression of Being. Revealed is an escape plan out of the ‘matrix’… a holistic process to achieve SELF knowing and reach maximum SELF potential… a pointer through the levels of Being. The Book of T is advanced spiritual ‘technology’. 

Spend a few moments contemplating these revolutionary new images (‘books’) and the brief description under each. The 22 pictograms declare new archetypes, resonant with ancient ones, that are manifesting to help guide the SELF – that is YOU if YOU choose to enter the forest and begin on your Path. 

The vision for the Word of ONE TAROT is like the image of a forest with a track or beautiful portal streaming through it. The TAROT is a path. Let’s forge that path and bring to new generations the spiritual technology that elevates each ONE to knowledge of SELF.

The Nameless One has entered the Field…

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