FoolNameless OneResolver
Hanged ManHanging ManRedemption
High PriestessMotherCreator
CharioteerVictorious OneSelf-Mastery
StarWayshowerSingleness of Purpose
SunDoerRight Activity
Lightning Struck TowerCitadelCompleted One
HermitSeekerRight Direction
EmperorActorThe Mind
EmpressFeelerThe Prime Mover
Wheel of FortuneRoyal MazeDestiny
StrengthDelivererThat Which is to Come
MagicianChangerCannot Be Said
ReactorNot the Actor
JusticeDonorWhat is Earned is Given
High PriestSpeakerIt is Done
TemperanceReverserChannels Flow
JudgmentKnowerThe Self
Hint 1:
Each Book is its own power, and each connect to other Books – YOU are the ONE key to unlocking the unique combinations awaiting activation.
Hint 2:
ONE finds the way out of the Royal Maze which is up. Think in terms of the dimension of depth – not left, right, above, below.
Hint 3:
Avoid the mistake of reading the Books in a particular order and locking in pattern fixations.
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