John Starr Cooke

Introduce yourself to the Tarot for NOW. The Word of ONE Tarot speaks of new […]

Nameless One

The NAMELESS ONE is the Resolver Innocent and centered, the NAMELESS ONE rambles along reading […]

Hanging Man

HANGING MAN signifies redemption; just desserts by own activities. The HANGING MAN awaits the redemption […]


MOTHER signifies the creator MOTHER is consciously unconscious, Maria, the ocean, eternal. Spread apart are […]


VIRGIN is Beingness In the VIRGIN card, the wreath of green has blossomed into twenty-two […]


UNITY signifies completeness UNITY represents a masculine figure and a feminine figure revolving on a […]

Victorious One

The Self must be known, loved, and forgotten Victorious One is wide awake. The Charioteer […]

Way Shower

The WAY-SHOWER shows singleness of purpose As the woman of the STAR represents the unlimited possibilities of […]


DOER represents right activity DOER is an innocent youth who knows nothing of oppositions. Above […]


The THINKER signifies error. No more THINKER finds himself stuck in the Tree of Knowledge. […]


CITADEL signifies completed man The CITADEL Trump represents the conscious mind of the “here and […]


Seeker moves in the right direction The SEEKER has dropped the robe and laid down […]


The mind is the ACTOR’S significance The ACTOR knows the masquerade for what it is, […]


FEELER is the Prime Mover FEELER represents feelings that ignite the will to action. The […]

Royal Maze

The meaning of the ROYAL MAZE is destiny In contrast to the Piscean times, the […]


DELIVERER is that which is to come to each In this book, a woman holds […]


The CHANGER’S significance cannot be said This androgyne of the Aquarian Age is continually balancing […]


The RENEWER reveals What does the RENEWER reveal for the Aquarian Age? The blue figure […]


The ACTOR is not the REACTER The REACTER is innocent and spontaneous. The silver crescents at each […]


That which is earned is given Whereas JUSTICE sat between two pillars, now the DONOR is weighted […]


The SPEAKER speaks and with love it is done The SPEAKER holds nothing back; he […]


Correctly channels flow Accepting merciful water from above in uplifted hand, the REVERSER transmutes it […]


The KNOWER functions as the Self KNOWER has integrated the four basic functions: one foot […]

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